Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pests I : Dandelion & Rabbits

This is one of three paintings I'm going to submit for the "Art of the Garden" exhibition at Haverford Public Library.

Pests I : Dandelion and Rabbits, watercolor, acrylic & graphite on wood, 12 x 12", 2011.
 The exhibition is a fundraiser for the library which is such a great idea because libraries definitely need extra funding!

If you're interested in being in a juried show and helping libraries out go here for information.  It looks like the deadline's been moved to March 10th.

When I thought about what I could contribute to a garden themed show I was a little stumped.  I'm an awful gardener!  I am, however, very familiar with garden pests; that's all that I seem to be able to grow or attract. So, I decided to use that as inspiration, and show that sometimes the unwanted things can also be beautiful.

Here's the preliminary sketch I did before moving on the the wood board:

Pests I : Preliminary Drawing, graphite on bristol, 12 x 12", 2011.
 And here's a detailed shot of some of the rabbits:

They look like peeps!


  1. they look like they're plotting something..

  2. If they're plotting it's to steal vegetables... obviously.

  3. I love the bunnies!
    Will there be a groundhog in this series?

  4. One of the most difficult things to do is accurately illustrate a "cute" animal without having the image become overly precious. Young bunnies like these can be particularly problematic.
    The fact that you've managed to do so in an elegant and evocative composition only goes to show what a sophisticated and skilled artist you have become

  5. Thanks guys!

    No groundhogs, sorry.

    Haaa John, your assessment is so much more mature than my "They look like peeps".


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