Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pet Portrait: Holly

Earlier this month I got to draw sweet Holly.

I wanted to include a holly plant without seeming too Christmasy, so I chose summer holly.

Here's a look at the preliminary drawing:

New on Etsy: Bat Card

I liked my Inktober bat drawing, so I redrew it in gouache and pencil.

It's now available on Etsy as a card

 Here's a look at part of the original drawing:

Inktober Week Two

Here are my drawings for the second week of #Inktober:
you can see week one and a list of the prompts here.

8. Crooked

9: Screech

10. Gigantic

11. Run

12. Shattered

13. Teeming

14. Fierce

Inktober Week One

I have been participating in this year's #Inktober

Drawing with ink isn't my strength, so it's good practice. I'm keeping each drawing only 3-4" and using it as a warm up or end of day exercise.

Here are the official rules and prompt list:

Here are my drawings for the first week:

1. Swift

2. Divided

3. Poison

4. Underwater

5. Long

6. Sword

7. Shy

Narrative Art

Earlier this fall, I started an entry for a children's illustration contest. Unfortunately, I never had the time to finish; I was pretty disappointed.

The them was mystery, and you had to tell a story in three illustrations. I chose to tell a story about missing dinosaur books.

I will revisit these at some point, but I think I need to give myself some more time and distance from them.
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