Thursday, June 14, 2012

Illustration Friday: Shiny

Preliminary Drawing, graphite & colored pencil on bristol board, 11 x 14", 2012.
What is shiny?

Stars are shiny.
Diamonds are shiny.

Can you guess what this drawing illustrates? Hint: It's a song.

Hopefully I'll have a final version posted soon!


  1. Is it Lucy in disguise with dimes on?

  2. Beautiful! She's got an art nouveau style to her, and so well done! The patterns are wonderful and I really like the constellations. Love the hair and scarf!

  3. So cool! Great interpretation of the song.

  4. Love this, so beautiful, love everything about it! Great job!

  5. Beautiful! I love your compositions always and this one's a cracker :)
    I suggested the Beatles for Illustration Friday a while ago, so you may be able to use this one twice!

  6. Love the detail,the story (in this case a song..) Beautiful.

  7. Whoa! This is great! At first I tough it was 'diamonds and pearls' by prince, but then the stars wouldn't have made sense... Perfect drawing, great for the theme, and so cool that you made ts inspired by The Beatles.


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