Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hive Notecards

I liked the little bee drawing I completed for the 4 x 6 Exchange, so I made it a friend! I hope bees start to make a big comeback... we really do need them.

I also printed them onto notecards. If you'd like one and you live in Philly, you can purchase it at Betty's Speakeasy (along with bunny notecards!). If you don't live in Philly, I've also listed them in my Etsy shop.

The notecards are blank inside. It's a good thing too... If I put something inside a bee card it would either be something cheesy like "BEE Happy!" or a really bad bee joke. I love bad jokes!

Who was the bee's favorite singer??

See? It's better they're blank.


  1. There is a bees nest on the side of my house! If there is too much honey in there, I'm concerned about the structure of my house...

    1. haha...bzzzzzzz! Sick the cats on them!

  2. Omg, I laughed at that Sting joke! :)

    Also, the cards are awesome. I have a terrible bee joke that I don't think I can even type here. Let me know if you're ever having a bad day and I'll email it to you! xo, Mary

  3. Those look so perfect with the yellow envelopes :)

  4. I love your bee cards! I think the bee joke would be great - someone opens your beautiful bee card and find a joke that makes them laugh inside. :)

  5. Happy BEE-lated BIRTHDAY!


  6. Oh, these cards are so lovely! You are talented, no doubt! Happy to have stumbled upon your blog and Happy Easter :)

  7. Bee-utiful.

    I like Bees. I hate hornets and wasps. I think hornets and wasps are trying to capitalize on the cuteness of bees but they can't trick me. I'm on to them.

  8. These are great!


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