Sunday, July 3, 2011

Illustration Friday: Remedy

Garlic & Citronella, graphite & acrylic ink on bristol, 10 x 16", 2011.

Mosquitoes are the worst!  Luckily this girl prepared a remedy!

I've been working a lot with micron pen, so it felt good to loosen up with some pencils for this week's Illustration Friday. Unfortunately, I'm not so good at photographing pencil, so I included a few close up photos. I think I definitely had more fun drawing this one than you'll have looking at it... especially the garlic!  The girl looks like she's having some sort of mosquito seance... definitely weird!

Garlic really is a great home-remedy if you have a mosquito problem.  My dad makes a garlic spray for his entire lawn... my mom says it makes their house smell like caesar dressing, but it works!  If you live in the eastern United States be prepared for a super buggy summer; we have fewer bats to eat them.


  1. Delicate & lovely! Wonderful palette too.

  2. I love it! I think she is the lemon mango princess!

  3. Love this!... didn't realize the garlic worked for the mosquitos. great tidbit of info.

  4. I love to look at your sketchbook.

  5. I specially love her shoes - one of the hardest things to draw I think.

  6. Thank you all!

    Alison: I think drawing feet without shoes is even harder :)

  7. A very sweet piece. Nice use of the color for the barrier of inside/outside the safety zone.


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