Sunday, April 21, 2013

100th Post! **GIVEAWAY**

Hedgehog Party, watercolor and graphite on Rives BFK, 7x9", 2013.
I made it to 100 posts on this blog! Whew!

I know it took me much longer than most bloggers, but I still want to celebrate. Everyone has been so supportive of me, so I thought having a GIVEAWAY for my readers would be fun.

I am giving away a custom 5x7" drawing!
I'll draw a portrait of you, your favorite animal or place, delicious food...whatever you want.

Here's how to win:
Simply leave a comment on this post (Google+ comments work too).
Tell me what you'd have me draw. If you're indecisive, just say hello!

Want an extra entry?
1.Retweet this post on twitter:
2. Like this post on Facebook:

If you feel like it follow me on twitter or like my Facebook page too :)

I'll pull a name on May 1st.

PS: The hedgehog drawing in this post is available on a notecard in my Etsy shop or at The Art Dept.

And the winner is:

Congrats... and thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. Portrait of me and my baby bump! :)

  2. Hola Sarah! Thanks for the kinds on my blog :) I'm loving your drawings, so so great! I'd love a portrait of me and my cat Rufus xoxo looking forward to more drawings and blog posts from you!

  3. Awesome!! Congratulations!!! Your artwork is gorgeous and keep going! BTW those hedgehogs are inconceivably cute!

  4. I adore these festive hedgehogs!
    Hmmm...How about a Meerkat? They are cute and I'm sure you will make them even cuter.
    congratulations on post #100!

  5. Ps. Funny, we're running a giveaway simoultaniously - I've planned one as well, starting today!

  6. This is fantastic! If I would win this contest, I would like to have a picture of a kitten asleep in a basket of yarn! My kitten is gray with gorgeous greenish/gray eyes!

    Thanks for this terrific opportunity to win an awesome rendition of something near and dear to my heart! :)

  7. Hi!

    If I win this fantastic contest, I would love to have my kitten drawn in a basket of yarn! She's a smoke gray kitty with beautiful grayish green eyes!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome drawing and Good luck to everyone who enters! :)

  8. Congratulations Sarah! I look forward to each of the posts to see your incredible work! Angela with a cheetah?

  9. I'm indecisive!! Congratulations on 100 posts! Your artwork is awesome.

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post Sarah! Fantastic giveaway - lucky us :) I'd love to see this place in your drawing style: I have good memories of summers on the beach there as a kid and my only requests would be the sea in the distance and some yellow gorse ( I'm tweeting and facebooking right now!

  11. Congrats!!!
    I think I would ask you to draw me a folk tale or fairy tale you love. I'll leave it for you to decide which one so it would be a surprise and if I have never heard about it I would get a drawing and a story :)


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