Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5 Blogs You Should Be Reading!

I've made it to 50 posts!!!

When I started this blog I figured that it would be read by a few members of my immediate family and my boyfriend. I had no clue how supportive the online illustration community could be. I've been overwhelmed by the great comments and new art I've seen by illustrators I've met through Illustration Friday, the Sketchbook Project, Illustration Rally, and Flickr.

To celebrate my 50th post, I want to share some great art and illustration blogs I've found since starting mine:

1. Victoria Semykina Art

Victoria Semikina is a Russian Illustrator living in Italy. I love how she captures people's expressions and behavior. I especially admire her illustrations of Armenian tales like the first one above. Check out her blog and website for more work.

2. Herbstkind

Julia Humpfer is an illustrator from Germany; I first saw her work through Illustration Friday. I love her line work and use of patterns. She also created illustrations based off one of my favorite fairy tales, Donkeyskin; (the first piece above is one of them). Check out her blog, website, flickr and etsy store!

3. Pretty Little Thieves

I am crazy about the drawings of girls on Pretty Little Thieves! I love their sullen mouths and graphic hair. There are also great etsy treasuries and photography posted for inspiration. Check out the website, blog and etsy shop!

4. Step on Inside / Tipi Thieves
If you want to see super impressive ink work stop by Step On Inside. The subjects vary from rappers to Native Americans to animals and the moon, but they are all impeccably drawn. The drawings are incredibly detailed and the colors are so vibrant. It's one of my favorite blogs to follow.

5. Oana Befort

 Oana Befort is an artist from Romania. She paints whimsical watercolor and ink birds and animals. Her paintings always make me smile. She posts photography that is equally beautiful; what a talented lady! Check out her blog, website, and etsy store!

Go ahead! Visit their blogs and hit the follow buttons!

I have been following so many great blogs that I could have made this post ten times longer; I'll have to have another post like this at 75!

Bonus: visit my brother and sister's blogs!


  1. Thanks for the links Sarah - there's some amazingly beautiful art going on on those blogs!

  2. Thank you for posting some new sites for me to stalk :) YAY!

  3. Your welcome, prettylittlethieves!!

    Cally and lamina, I'm glad you like them too!

  4. Congrats on your 50th post! Keep up the good work :)

  5. i love your work!

    thank you for including me with these super talented people.

    congratulations on your 50th post, lots more to come please.

  6. Congrats! I'm also a "Sarah who draws things" and started my blog this year too, so I have an idea of what it feels like to be proud of yourself for keeping up with it! :) I'm glad I found you (through Pretty Little Thieves) and I'm excited to check out the other blogs you've recommended here!

  7. Wow fantastic Sarah I have checked out all of the links of these lovely artists so much talent in the world today!!


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