Monday, September 26, 2011

Sketchbook Project: Sirens & Illustration Friday: Ferocious

Sirens, pen, watercolor & acrylic ink on watercolor paper, 7 x 10", 2011.
I was working on another drawing for the Sketchbook Project when I realized it fit with this week's Illustration Friday too. What's more ferocious than a monster who appears as a beautiful lady?

My theme for the Sketchbook Project is "Uncharted Waters", so I've been drawing mythological water creatures (do I sound like a broken record yet? I think I've written that in every sketchbook post). This time I drew sirens. Most people have had to read the Odyssey at some point in their lives, so you're probably familiar with them. Their songs lure sailors to their deaths. Some stories describe them with bird bodies ...I obviously skipped that part.

This sketchbook has been a pretty good exercise for me so far. All of the drawings have been done without any real plan, so there's a spontaneous feeling to them. They're also in pen, so there's no erasing for me! I've got to stick with my mistakes.


  1. This is so rad! I love it. Where to start.


    So the Sirens are rendered in a nice, harmless blue. They are encased in a maze like linework of water. Then, the top and bottom elements are rendered in red, their words and death being related elements.

    I also love their empty eyes and the color of their cheeks.

    Very nicely done.

  2. nice work. The sirens are ferocious but they are also looking very sad. And empty. They will never be full. The contrast between te lovely lady's and the skulls deep down is really shocking. Well done!

  3. WOW ! what a powerful and beautiful illustration! love it a lot !

  4. Wow! This is really really beautiful! I love the patterns in their hair and in the water....

  5. I just love this! Great colors and all the different lines, so good!

  6. Love your drawings for the Sketchbook Project!


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