Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sketchbook Project: Mermaids

Oops!  I haven't updated the blog nearly all month!
Mermaids, pen. watercolor & acrylic ink on watercolor paper, 5 x 7", 2011.

I rebound my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project and finished the first page. I was very nervous because I don't think I've ever drawn on such a small scale before. My own personal sketchbook is 11 x 14". I know that doesn't sound much bigger than 5 x 7", but the difference seemed huge to me!

My theme for the sketchbook is "Uncharted Waters"; I'm focusing on mythological creatures starting with the most obvious, mermaids!

I really like how the colors in this drawing contrast with the bright red-orange design on the inside cover:

I arranged the drawing so the mermaid's face would show through the cut-out part of the cover:

If anyone's looking for instruction on rebinding their sketchbook this video was pretty helpful (but long).


  1. this is nice. its a good start to your book.

  2. Looks like a fabulous start to your sketchbook. Love the mermaid showing through.

  3. Nifty! I always like when people use the cover window
    5x7 is a lot smaller than 11x14!

  4. hi sarah, i really like your sketchbook project. i´m taking part in the 2012 project too. i´ve seen that you mentioned that you rebound your book. did you use different paper for the pages or you kept the original ones?
    thanks. good luck.

  5. Hi! I used different paper... some heavy duty watercolor paper. The pages are a lot thicker, so I had to keep the book clamped together with bulldog clips to train the sketchbook to stay closed. Good luck on your 2012 sketchbook!


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