Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lush Knot Wrap Competition

Mermaids & Coral, acrylic & marker on paper, 20 x 20", 2011.

Lush recently announced a competition to design one of their knot wraps.  I'm a big fan of the store, so I definitely knew I wanted to enter.

Right around the time I heard about the competition a friend e-mailed me this link:

I loved the idea of hand painted print.  It seemed appropriate because all of Lush's products are also handmade.  I started this project with a lot of inspiration and ambition;  by the time I finished today I was tired!!!  Hand painted design is really tedious and a lot of work, but I do like how it turned out.  
When I was coming up with ideas for the design I wanted to stay away from a botanical print because Lush has already had knot wraps with florals.  I picked an ocean theme because Lush's products are very environmentally friendly, so gross stuff won't go down the drain and into our water... their bath bombs also make you feel like a mermaid!

Here's a close up of some of the mermaids: 

I'm including a picture of the sketch;  it's blurry in some parts because I used layers of tracing paper to create the design:

Now I want to take a bubble bath!


  1. I knew you would do it. I love it. It's definately a winner!

  2. good's awesome .you should win
    matt ryan

  3. Great ones! Loved the last sketch especially. First time here. Will frequent more.

  4. You should have won, can't believe the 3 that did, they're pathetic, it's insulting!

  5. Thanks Felipe and Niranjn!

    I'm not too insulted, mysterious anonymous poster; I just figured they were looking for something simple and easy to reproduce... mine is neither.

    I'm going to print a few scarves with this pattern and put them in my etsy shop someday...


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