Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wolves and Bison

Here's another design for Groundswell Greetings. I loved drawing these wolves!

Here's a closer look:

And here's a look at the preliminary drawing. I did change the design. The wolves would have been too small on the card with my original plan:

Unlike the bighorn sheep, I have been lucky enough to see wolves in real life. The photos below are from the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone this past September. I added the arrows to point out the wolves. It was very easy to watch them with binoculars or a scope, but harder to see in a photograph. You can see the elk they were hunting in the river of the first picture.

Photo by Zachary Gillespie

Photo by Zachary Gillespie
I've also seen too many bison to count! So, of course I had to paint a bison card too.

Here's the preliminary drawing:

And some excellent bison photos by Zack. Baby bison are called red dogs:
Photo by Zachary Gillespie

Photo by Zachary Gillespie

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