Friday, September 16, 2011

In Progress: Baba Yaga

I have been working on the Children's Book Rally for Illustration Rally. The challenge is to complete two double page spreads for a children's story by the end of September. I'm going to have to work like crazy because I'll be away for the last week of September.

This is a peek at my preliminary drawing for one of the spreads. You could either choose to illustrate a classic or an original story; I'm illustrating a traditional Russian Baba Yaga story. The crows will look better in the final... they were a last minute addition.

I have so much to do...yikes!!!


  1. Wow, those illustrations are amazing!

  2. this is crazy! i'm anxious to see the final version..

  3. I love the contrast that the crows provide - and they're a little ominous! I love the though, they're really clever birds - a couple years ago I did this random paper mobile show where I made TONS of these:

  4. Thanks, Sandra!

    I hope you mean crazy in a good way, Zack...

    Ruth, those crow mobiles are awesome!


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