Friday, January 21, 2011

In Progress: PBR Contest Entry

Pabst Curlers, graphite on paper, 18 x 23.5, 2011.
Pabst Blue Ribbon has an annual art contest, and the deadline is January 31st.   I'm trying it out this year;  this is a first look at my entry.

Check back soon for the completed version!


  1. i like this. especially the face on the right. i wonder if she personally emptied all those cans..

  2. haaaa! She does look a litte tipsy... I like the girl on the left; I was imagining she's a ballerina when I was drawing.

  3. ohhh it's reminding me of an MK and Ash pic I've seen before..... like it...I LOVE PBR

  4. FDR: Stop spamming my blog! I'm surprised your mommy lets you play with her computer...

  5. Nifty!

    I really like the linear quality you've got going here. Reminds me of Lautrec.

    You might really be able to make the composition "pop" by cropping the top slightly. I think it would play up the great shapes of their hair a bit more

    just a thought...

  6. You're close! The inspiration was actually Theophile Steinlen.

    The final one has ornamentation from the Pabst can on the top and bottom, so no cropping is necessary.

    Thanks! Yay! I like comments!

  7. I adore this! Lol! They actually don't look like they're in pain, because believe me, when we used to this it was pain! Wonderful details, right down, to the pins that go in the hair! This is a winner.


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